Mobile payments are still quite klunky

Published: 10/23/2012

When was the last time you were in line at a Starbucks and watched someone use their Passbook app to pay for their coffee? Were you thinking "wow that was super easy" or were you thinking "what is taking this guy so long... just use your credit card so we can get our lattes?" More than likely it is the latter. The idea of mobile payments is great, but the current implementations could use some work.

Most apps either rely on you to enact somewhere near 6 taps to get to the right thing and then you must wait in hopes that it works. We are all quite impressed when we see it work. That should cause us all a little concern. We don’t have faith that it will work every time like we have with regular credit cards.

So what does the future look like? Well if you are building an app on the SubtleData platform it can look quite different. First off the app has the ability to know you are at the merchant. Whether it is a bar, restaurant, resort, casino, or football stadium. This gets over the need to "find a location." Secondly, the app knows what tickets are in the Point of Sale system. This removes the dreaded "what do I scan, what do I need to show you?" Thirdly, the payment information doesn’t rely on a scanner or NFC device. It just works with the merchant’s Point of Sale behind the scenes.

So what does all of this add up to for the consumer? How about something so simple that it takes less time to enact a mobile payment on an iPhone, Android or other mobile device than it does to pull out your credit card and sign your name, It is by far faster than pulling out your debit card, entering your PIN, selecting a cash back amount, choosing to donate some money to a charity and then completing your purchase.

Let’s chat about what your app is doing and how our brain trust of mobile Point of Sale experts can help you take it to the next level: the "elegant" level.

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