Ameranth Signs a New Patent License with SubtleData

Published: 08/07/2012


August 7, 2012, San Diego, CA - Ameranth, Inc. announced today that it has entered into a patent license agreement with SubtleData Inc. of Austin, Texas, - a very exciting and successful company that connects mobile applications to a variety of Point of Sale systems at bars, restaurants, hotels, and casinos.

Ameranth's pioneering web/wireless data synchronization inventions have been patented, (U.S. Patent Nos. 6,384,850; 6,871,325; 6,982,733 - with additional patents pending), have been widely adopted and deployed, and are now essential to the modern wireless/web hospitality enterprise. The explosive growth of the use of smart phones, social/affinity group networking, wireless networks and related technologies now make the use and licensing of Ameranth’s patents essential to achieve a totally synchronized system, i.e., the 21St Century Communications™ system invented in 1998 by Ameranth's visionary inventors. Modern hospitality information technology systems performing functions such as online/mobile ordering, reservations, ticketing and related functionality require the use of Ameranth’s patented inventions for synchronized operation. Ameranth has active patent infringement lawsuits against numerous infringing defendants; including Micros, Tabbed Out, OLO, Seamless, GrubHub, Exit41, PAR, QuikOrder, OpenTable, Agilysis and the three largest pizza chains - (Papa John's, Domino's, Pizza Hut) and many of the leading ticketing companies, travel aggregators and hotel companies.

In addition to its new license with Subtledata, Ameranth has patent license agreements with Splickit, Radiant, Menusoft, Netwaiter, Brink Software, Savory Mobile, Chownow, Compelcart, Xpient, Munchaway, Ticketmob/Laughstub and Snapfinger, and is in active negotiations to provide licenses to several additional hospitality industry product/service providers.

"Subtledata and their founder Richard Bagdonas have a unique vision for synchronizing and integrating hospitality IT systems and Ameranth believes that they can occupy a valuable niche in this market. We are extremely pleased that they have joined the ever growing list of authorized Ameranth licensees. This patent license affords them, their partners and their customers full patent coverage and protection in online/mobile and payment processing and we wish them the best as they go forward" stated Vern Yates, Ameranth's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

"We're excited to offer sub-licensing of Ameranth technologies to our mobile developers," said Richard Bagdonas, President of SubtleData. "It's the latest in a long list of capabilities that the SubtleData platform provides for companies that want to develop write-once deploy-many mobile applications in the hospitality industry."

The adoption of Ameranth’s technology by industry leaders and the wide acclaim received by Ameranth for its technological innovations are just some of the many confirmations of the breakthrough aspects of Ameranth's inventions. Ameranth has received twelve different technology awards (three with "end customer" partners) and has been widely recognized as a hospitality wireless/internet technology leader by almost all major national and hospitality print publications, e.g., The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, and many others. Ameranth was personally nominated by Bill Gates, the Founder of Microsoft, for the prestigious Computerworld Honors Award that Ameranth received in 2001 for its breakthrough synchronized reservations/ticketing system with the Improv Comedy Theatres. In his nomination, Mr. Gates described Ameranth as "one of the leading pioneers of information technology for the betterment of mankind."

About Ameranth, Inc.:

Ameranth,Inc. ( is a recognized leader in the hospitality technology market, having been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Sun Times, USA Today, Business Week, US News & World Report, Nation’s Restaurant News, Hospitality Technology, TIME, CNNfn, San Diego Union Tribune, and numerous other prestigious publications. Ameranth has also been awarded or participated in twelve technology/"best product" awards.
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About SubtleData, Inc.:

SubtleData is the world’s leading Platform for Point of Sale apps. SubtleData designs, develops, and manages Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that connect mobile applications to Point of Sale systems, such as Dinerware, MICROS, and POSitouch. The company continues to add support for new POS systems. The company serves many worldwide brands with clients in the US, South America, Europe and Asia. To find out how SubtleData can help your business, contact or call (202) 552-8700.

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