Got employees? There's an app for that.

So you have spent some good money getting your website built. Now when it comes time to think about mobile apps your mind goes right to the costs. Sure, it would be great to have an iPad or iPhone app, but what if you don't have the budget for it right now?

Is there a way to get your staff running credit cards tableside rather than running back and forth?

Can your associates at the retail store get out from behind the counter to engage people like they do at the Apple store?

Yes and yes! Our Apple-approved credit card swipe hardware allows your staff to accept credit cards through a mobile website onto the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This rugged swiper uses our award-winning mobile app called Kiosk Swiper. The app plugs into your mobile website (with some code changes) and handles the credit card swipe.

Presto, have empowered your staff with mobile "card present" transactions. There are two options for you to choose.

Option 1: Your developers integrate Kiosk Swiper with your website. Simply have your developers download the Kiosk Swiper app and integrate our award-winning technology with your mobile website.

Option 2: Choose from the companies who develop on the SubtleData platform to integrate Kiosk Swiper with your website. SubtleData's network of certified developers can integrate the Kiosk Swiper app for you.

Whether you use your own developer or select from our developer partners, SubtleData can private label the app for you for a fee.

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