Point of Sale integration... simplified

SubtleData's platform is integrated with the leading Point of Sale systems and we have consolidated their systems into a single interface. This simplifies your life as an application company because we handle the communication with the Point of Sale system at your client's location. The best part is that we continually add support for new POS systems.

Built for the entire consumer lifecycle

You may be starting with a mobile payment application, but over time your application's features may need to extend into other areas such as loyalty and rewards. SubtleData's platform is ready to support your application as it matures. Your application can quickly provide features that address the complete consumer lifecycle.
We have three options for developers: SubtleAPI, SubtleJSON, and SubtleLibs. Your choice depends on how you want to interact with our Point of Sale API.


We offer the SubtleAPI for developers needing complete control of their development environment. The SubtleAPI interface uses a patent-pending protocol that is 34% smaller than JSON. One of the benefits of the SubtleAPI protocol is that it allows you to batch requests for increased performance.

As a side benefit of the protocol, all data is transmitted in a single network packet which eliminates the latency often faced in low bandwidth environments.


Many developers look for JSON interfaces to quickly get their apps up and running. We offer our SubtleJSON interface with complete online documentation. The SubtleJSON interface comes with enhanced features like our award-winning caching layer.

The SubtleJSON interface is built on top of the SubtleAPI interface which means it leverages all of the strengths found in the SubtleAPI.


Are you ready to build an app with the least number of lines of code? Well SubtleLibs is the answer. We have taken our SubtleJSON interface and created libraries that bundle the most common tasks into single calls. The best part is that the libs are offered in the most common languages including Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, PHP, Python, and Ruby.
The SubtleLibs are available on GitHub to SubtleData developers. There are two different types of libraries.

SubtleLibs Basic

SubtleLibs Basic are language-specific libraries that map in a one-to-one manner to our SubtleJSON endpoints. The Basic version dynamically generates code based on our SubtleJSON endpoints. All requests and responses need to be made with basic object types.

SubtleLibs Express

SubtleLibs Express are language-specific libraries that offer ORM objects that wrap around our SubtleJSON interface. They are first-class objects that allow your code to interact with them in an object-oriented manner. SubtleLibs Express speed up your process of integrating an app with SubtleData.

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